Ken Seim Farm - 3rd and K Rd, Merrick County (1.5 Miles South of WORMS, 1 Mile East, .5 Miles South)

Experience a working SDI system on 80 acres.

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McCrometer Connect Wireless Monitoring System for Irrigation Management

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For more than 50 years, Seim Irrigation has been the recognized name in irrigation and well installation throughout central and eastern Nebraska. With today￿s growing demand for our planet￿s most critical natural resource, Seim Irrigation is proud to be part of the next generation of water management for our region. Subsurface Drip Irrigation is rapidly becoming the new measure for intelligent water application.

Seim Irrigation is teaming with Toro Micro-Irrigation, whose products have set industry standards in providing innovative micro-irrigation solutions in agriculture, mining, and landscape applications.

In collaboration with professional system designers, installers and with Toro￿s new Aqua-Traxx with the PBX advantage, Seim Irrigation brings new ideas, technology, and innovation to today￿s water management challenges.

Many farmers have enjoyed improved profitability with drip systems by increasing crop yield and quality while at the same time reducing costs from water, energy, labor, chemical inputs and water runoff. Drip irrigation allows for targeted, intelligent water applications, where runoff, leaching and the wetting of non-targeted areas in the field are avoided or completely eliminated.

The term Intelligation™ refers to the process of taking full advantage of the benefits drip irrigation offers. Whether the motivation is improved profitability or better resource use, Intelligation™clearly makes sense.

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» Reliable, efficient delivery of water and fertilizer to each plant

» Water and fertilizer are delivered directly to the root zone.

» Virtually no runoff, deep percolation, evaporation, surface ponding or wind drift.

» It￿s easily adaptable to hilly terrain or odd shaped parcels.

» May be operated either manually or automatically to reduce labor.

» In many cases, the system pays for itself in as little as 3 - 5 years

» Compatible with reduced or no-tillage practices.

Even before the perfect storm of diminished water supplies, rising corn prices and government cost-share funding hit the plains, Steven Cox knew his irrigated farms would have to change. Read More »

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